WWE Hardcore Championship
WWE Hardcore Championship
Date established:November 2, 1998
Date retired:August 26, 2002
Other name(s)
Other name(s):WWF Hardcore Championship (1998–2002)
WWE Hardcore Championship (2002)
First champion(s)Mankind
Most reignsRaven (27)
Longest reignBig Boss Man (97 days)
Shortest reignTerri Runnels (9 seconds)
Oldest championPat Patterson (59 years, 152 days)
Youngest championChristopher Nowinski (23 years, 285 days)
Heaviest championBig Show (500 lb (230 kg))
Lightest championTerri Runnels (100 lb (45 kg))

The WWE Hardcore Championship a hardcore wrestling championship in WWE, which was contested under "hardcore" rules (no disqualifications, no countouts, and pinfalls count anywhere). In the latter part of the title's history, a rule was implemented allowing anyone to challenge the champion at any place or time, provided a referee was present (dubbed the "24/7 rule"). It was established on November 2, 1998 with Mankind as the inaugural champion. In 2002, it was unified with the WWE Intercontinental Championship by Rob Van Dam, the final Hardcore Champion.


Mr. McMahon awarded Mankind the World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Championship on November 2, 1998. After Mankind lost the title to Big Boss Man, he never attempted to recapture it mainly because of the main event push he received shortly afterward. At the time of conception, the idea was for the belt to be used in comedy segments to play on Mankind's reputation as a hardcore wrestler. However, as Mankind and hardcore wrestling became more popular with audiences, the Hardcore Championship became a more serious title. Its popularity led competitor World Championship Wrestling to create its own Hardcore Championship, a move followed by numerous independent promotions.