The Bunny pro
The Bunny

Professional wrestling career

Ring NameThe Bunny
Height6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight205 lb (93 kg)

Professional wrestling career

WWE (2014—present)

According to Adam Rose, “It’s party time, all the time!” Perhaps no animal, vegetable or mineral exemplifies this more than The Bunny! Whether attacking Titus O’Neil or annoying JBL, this hopping Rosebud is always ready to leap into the action.

While little is known about the bushy-tailed sensation, no one can deny the impact he is having in Rose’s corner and on the WWE Universe as a whole. On the Sept. 22 edition of Raw, The Bunny brought the crowd to its feet when he made his official debut, joining the self-proclaimed “Conductor” of The Exotic Express in a tag team showdown against Slater-Gator.

Without a doubt, this competitor is ready to jump into greatness, and the party is only looking up from here.

On the October 5 episode of Raw, Rose shared a "cryptic message", saying, "All I wanted to do was put smiles on little children's faces. Well, poop." The camera then tilted down onto what seemed to be the Bunny's mascot head. On the 3 November edition of Main Event, during and after defeating Fandango, this mystery bunny person was seen at ringside leaving Rose surprised. This story seemingly soon ended without a conclusion, and Rose formed a tag team with Brad Maddox. However, the team would be short-lived as Maddox was released from his contract on November 25.